Privacy is the future of Facebook

When you’re in the business of trying to understand where technology is going before things becomes totally obvious, it’s always nice when you can have a little “I told you so” moment 😉 After Facebook’s Q2 results, most observers were surprised to hear Mark Zuckerberg single out privacy features as keys to the company’s future growth.

Well, I’m not surprised. I’ve said for a long time ago that for Facebook and co privacy is a business issue – not a philosophical one. And business issues tend to be addressed quickly by public companies This is what I wrote four years ago while discussing privacy on my blog:

“I think that in the end, Google and the advertisers – often cited as the ones asking for less privacy – are the ones who have an interest in it. […] if you give users a system they can trust, one where they can control what is controllable, then they will share the data advertisers need. I am sure Google understands this [and] Facebook does not seem to be that far in terms of thinking, but it will inevitably come.”