Better personal management of energy – the next stage in the Internet revolution?

[I am hosting the 8th TechnoArk conference, see you in Sierre on January 25!]

The 8th TechnoArk Conference, to be held in Sierre on 25 January 2013, will take as its theme:

Better personal management of energy – the next stage in the Internet revolution? Towards an Internet of energy

During the last 30 years, the Internet has brought profound changes in our behaviour and our relationship with information. These changes have occurred even more rapidly since 2007, when the release of the iPhone and the subsequent emergence of information mobility enabled people to create, exchange and obtain information anytime, anywhere.

In parallel with this, a revolution on a similar scale is taking place in the world of energy, with the advent of “smart grids”, intelligent networks that use information technology to optimise the production, distribution and consumption of electricity.

  • What impact will these networks have on our society?
  • How will customers behave when, armed with their smartphones, they can track their consumption and costs in real time?
  • Which actors in the world of energy will emerge from this revolution strengthened, and which ones will be weakened?
  • Is an Internet of energy that would make our behaviour transparent the solution to the looming energy crisis?

These are the questions which the 8th TechnoArk conference will raise, giving an overview of specific situations present and future. The event will host some of the most famous specialists in the field, including Justin Segall (founder of Simple Energy), Michael Hsieh (University of California at Berkeley) and the Swiss entrepreneur Michael Dupertuis, founder of the startup Geroco.