Get your Lift12 ticket!

As the Lift12 early bird sale comes to a close in the coming days, here come a few more information on Lift12 that I will curate with Nicolas Nova. This year, we decided to develop the formula that made Lift11 our most successful event ever, and propose a program divided into three distinct moments:

Day 1: The big picture

We will discuss big questions, and explore how technology is affecting our lives. What is the role of technologies in recent political movements? How is technology really reshaping the way we live? Is technology generating crises, or is it a way to respond to emergency situations?

Day 2: The actionable ideas

Day two is more concrete, exploring current technologies and their impact on our immediate environment. We will discuss mobile but with a fresh perspective, the recent changes forcing reinventions in the luxury industry, the next steps in finance, and explore the new face of gaming, a field that is moving out of screens and closer to our daily lives. Our partner AlpICT’s traditional Venture Night will close the day, with startups introducing their products and services to the audience.

Day 3: Foresight and inspiration

The final day of the conference is about discovering technologies that will be part of our lives in the next 3-5 years (“Near futures” session), hear the stories of pioneers who do extraordinary things (“Stories”) and, finally, meet the extreme amateurs, those people who are taking the concept to a whole new level, building rockets or making nuclear physics experiments in their garage.

We are in the process of confirming most speakers, but a few names have already been announced. We will have people developing the mobile phones of the future, a researcher who creates therapeutic robots, a hacker who builds a nuclear reactor in his basement, the inventor of the “web 2.0 suicide machine” that deletes your social media accounts, a designer of pervasive games, and many more. Check the first confirmed speakers below:

I hope to see you at Lift12, get your ticket before the price goes up!

Lift in thirteen pictures

My work for Lift conference is featured on, a new visual blog by Frank Boermeester. I really like the concept 🙂


Laurent Haug is the founder and CEO of the Lift Conference (three days events in Europe and Asia to discuss the social implications of technologies) and the co-founder and CEO of Lift Lab (a boutique consulting practice doing research projects). Laurent is passionate about understanding how technological innovation is reshaping society and culture. His work is about identifying and understanding upcoming shifts, spreading the word via conferences and social media, and ultimately helping turn changes into opportunities.


Café journalism

Iterating on the concept of citizen journalism (that never really took of completely despite countless efforts), the Winnipeg Free Press is rethinking the boundaries between journalists and their readers, opening a cafĂ© where the public can get a hot drink and engage in conversations with the writers who will work from there. Fantastic experiment, I can’t wait to see how this influences the news coverage.

Ever wanted to have a cup of coffee with your favourite journalist? Now’s your chance. The Winnipeg Free Press has signed an agreement with a local restaurant operator to open Canada’s first “News Cafe.”

Situated at the corner of McDermot Avenue and Arthur Street in the Exchange District, the News Cafe will be a community hub where people can get something to eat or drink and interact with journalists working there.



Swiss ICT Awards 2011

I would be lying if I was telling you I am not proud 😉

Das sind die Gewinner der Swiss ICT Awards 2011
Joiz TV, Noser Engineering, Professor Markus Gross und Laurent Haug gewinnen die diesjÀhrigen Schweizer ICT-Preise.

Les «Swiss ICT Awards 2011» priment Laurent Haug de Lift et d’autres

Les «Oscars de l’industrie TIC» ont Ă©tĂ© dĂ©cernĂ©s. Les noms des laurĂ©ats des «Swiss ICT Awards 2011» ont Ă©tĂ© proclamĂ©s ce mardi 18 octobre 2011 au KKL de Lucerne.  Thomas Flatt, prĂ©sident de SwissICT, a eu le plaisir d’y accueillir plus de 400 participants issus des milieux de l’économie, de la politique et des associations. La cĂ©rĂ©monie de remise des distinctions de cette annĂ©e a Ă©tĂ© ouverte par une allocution intitulĂ©e «Chancen des ICT-Standortes Schweiz» («les chances qu’offre la Suisse en tant que site pour les TIC»), prononcĂ©e par Peter Fischer, dĂ©lĂ©guĂ© Ă  la stratĂ©gie informatique de la ConfĂ©dĂ©ration. Cette manifestation animĂ©e par Reto Brennwald a Ă©tĂ© agrĂ©mentĂ©e par la participation de Simon Libsig, le «PoĂšte des planches».

100ms of latency = 1% in sales

Last week at the Wired conference, a speaker pointed out this fact from 2008, probably even more relevant today than ever:

Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. Google found an extra .5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%.


I you test with users, they probably won’t notice 100ms differences. But overall it changes behaviors. At this level impatience becomes almost unconscious.

Upcoming events (Oct-Nov 2011)

Upcoming events I will attend/speak at:

Wired Conference (Oct 13-14)
Looking forward to attend the first edition (firsts are always special) of the Wired UK conference, curated by the great Monique Van Dusseldorp.

Swiss ICT Awards (Oct 18)
I will attend Switzerland’s largest ICT prize in Luzern, hoping to maybe bring a trophy back home 🙂

HEG GenĂšve (Nov. 3)
I will teach a 3 hours course on managing innovation at the HEG GenÚve. This is part of the (many) teaching assignments the Lift team took for 2011/2012.

Forum économique de Glion (Nov. 11)
I will attending the forum for the first time, participating on a panel about entrepreneurship.

Solvaxis Userday 2011 (Nov. 24)
I will keynote at the Userday, presenting the latest technological developments and trends. Join me at the Stade de Suisse in Bern on November 24.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please contact me.

Interview on Facebook’s latest developments

I did a quick interview on Facebook’s latest developments, in last week’s Matin Dimanche:

Le fil d’actualitĂ© informera automatiquement et en temps rĂ©el vos amis de ce que vous regardez, Ă©coutez ou lisez. Un exploit technologique qui pourrait aboutir Ă  bien des quiproquos. «Il y aura des drames, c’est certain, prĂ©dit Laurent Haug, fondateur des confĂ©rences Lift consacrĂ©es aux nouvelles technologies. Imaginez un passionnĂ© d’histoire qui regarde une vidĂ©o sur Hitler: il a des risques de passer pour un nazi. » Idem pour le papa qui visionne le dernier clip de Rihanna pour comprendre les goĂ»ts musicaux de sa fille et qui passera pour une midinette auprĂšs de ses amis et collĂšgues.

Avec ces bouleversements, les plus importants depuis sa crĂ©ation, Facebook poursuit, imperturbable, sa logique du partage total des informations. Mais les utilisateurs sont-ils prĂȘts Ă  sacrifier leur vie privĂ©e? Les premiĂšres rĂ©actions oscillent entre enthousiasme et inquiĂ©tude. «Les utilisateurs ont envie de partager, mais veulent garder le contrĂŽle, estime Laurent Haug. AprĂšs c’est une question d’équilibre: si le rĂ©seau social va trop loin et perd leur confiance, ils publieront moins d’informations. Or Facebook en a besoin pour faire de l’argent. »

Le Matin: Facebook veut archiver toute votre vie