Overload messages

Update: see more humorous messages from a recent New Yorker article.

Early adopters are increasingly using auto-responders to manage their email overload. And I am increasingly interested in tactics used to avoid overload. Here are two messages I came across recently:

A-lister blogger covering technology:

I am now getting emails at a level that I can’t respond to everyone.

I will make a best attempt to get back to you. If you are desperate please call me on my cell phone +xxxxxxxxxxx (if I’m available I will pick up, if not, keep calling back until you get me).

To PR people, if you want me to cover your product you’ve got to give me more than one day warning. I do videos and I’m already scheduling out September. I don’t do press-release rewrites like other tech bloggers. It’s best to get in touch with me at LEAST A MONTH before you launch. To see a successful pitch, see how XXX pitched me (it is my favorite startup of 2010): http://www.link.com (XXX showed me what they were doing THREE MONTHS before they shipped!)

I specifically am looking for world-changing technology and startups, if you have one, please be persistent. I am often out shooting and miss cool stuff once in a while.

If you are looking for my calendar, or other items, visit http://www.google.com/profiles/xxx which has links to all of my
blogs, social media accounts, and calendars so you can see if I’m open or not.

Another way to get through to me is to talk with my producer, XXX. You can reach him at xxxx@gmail.com.

Thanks and sorry if I don’t get back to you.

Another A-lister, this time Swiss

I will probably not be able to get back to you this week. For emergencies, please use Twitter (@xxxx) or SMS (+xxxxxxxxxxx).

I am not available for new long-term projects until next spring, but am open to consulting, speaking, and training engagements as well as 1-1 social media coaching.

I am however fully booked until October and will be unavailable between end December and mid-February, so please think about booking a date soon enough if you require my services.

Thanks for your attention

Strikes by country

Just to put one of my week-end’s debates to rest, and start the increasingly complicated process of rebuilding France’s brand as a decent country, the French are by far NOT the number one strikers in the world ๐Ÿ˜‰


The stats above are from the OECD and show the “five-year average in days not worked per 1000 employees (1996-2000)”. I really feel for you if you live in Denmark, Iceland or Canada ๐Ÿ˜‰