Street computers

Seoul is one of the world’s most wired city, and the recent “ubiquitous city” project aims to increase the level of connectivity citizens experience on the street. One of the most visible part of the u-city is the media poles forest, tenth of computers embedded into high poles offering services like news, submay and bus maps, email postcard, 3D avatar game, casual games, shopping/restaurant locator and Flickr photo gallery (more). This sort of rich country’s version of the hole in the wall is extremely popular, and many couples and groups gather around the screens to share a moment playing games or sending a postcard.

Four young girls pose at a “media pole” on Gangnam Avenue. Photo by Time

I made a short video to show those computers who bring people together instead of isolating them.

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If one of your friends has an Android phone, ask him to give you a demo of Wikitude, a far from perfect but interesting application adding a layer of user generated content on top of the world (seen through the lens of the camera of the phone).

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Meet the 21st Century Stadium

Amazing new home for the Dallas Cowboys, a new 1$ to 2$ billion (depends on who you trust) project with tons of super high tech embedded:

Technology will ensure that fans can e-mail photos to friends, find lost children, cash in wireless coupons and watch customized content on the thousands of televisions […]

Fans will immediately notice the new stadium’s 60-yard-long video boards hanging above the field. However, those are just a few of the 2,800 monitors, which include concession stand menus, TVs in suites and electronic advertising signs. Each will have an IP or Internet protocol address allowing a computer operator to play different content on each screen.

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Walsh said he wants to create a system allowing parents to get their children bracelets imbedded with a RFID or radio frequency identification tags. If a child wandered off, parents could use the technology to quickly find her or him […]

Even more cutting edge is a plan for interactive ads similar to ones targeting Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report, although they promise to be less intrusive and less creepy. Walsh said he’s testing a pilot program for a system that would beam electronic coupons to someone with a smart phone passing a concession stand. The fan then could accept or reject the coupon for food or drinks.


Virtual thumb

“there has been growing interest in the design of multi-touch based mobile devices. However, multi-touch interactions with one hand on the mobile device are diffi-cult in terms of usability. In spite of this, few have at-tempted to address a supportive approach for multi-touch operations with one hand. In this paper, we present VirtualThumb, a set of software-based conceptual techniques that enables a user to handle multi-touch operations under the limited physical resources available”

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A technology coming out of KAIST CT.

Seeking innovative technologies for the meetings industry

I will be on the judging panel of the EIBTM WorldWide Technology Watch for the second year, looking forward to find out about great new technologies we will assess with a panel of international experts and under the guidance of meetings’ industry legend Corbin Ball. Send us your application if you developed an innovative product or service, you will get exposure at one of the industry’s biggest event!

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What football can tell us about society’s evolution

The BBC has a vizualisation of the evolution of premier league players’ birthplace over the past decade. Twenty years during which workers movements have been liberalized after the famous Bosman Ruling ended the quotas restricting the number of non-nationals on teams. What we see here through the lens of sport is the general trend towards globalization of the workforce, where talent gathers in places it can better be leveraged regardless of political or geographical constraints.

Where the Premier League’s players come from (1988)
All 1998

And in 2009
All 2009

Arsenal in 1988
Arsenal 1998

And in 2009
Arsenal 2009

Manchester United in 1988
MU 1998

And in 2009
MU 2009

During those years, the English Premier League became the most powerful in the world, and reached multiple continents by capitalizing on foreign stars attracting viewers in their country of origin. Why not think about the lessons that can be drawn here, at a moment where borders are being closed to emigrants because of the crisis.