A business model for online videos?

If you can’t beat them join them! Finally an interesting model that could save both the industry and Youtube’s cash flow? Chang Kim (Korean entrepreneur and blogger, former Lift Asia speaker):

The content owners […] knew that their program would be put up on the internet in no time, and their effort to hunt down the illegal uploads would be simply not enough. So instead they worked with Enwer.me […] to search the user-uploaded content on Daum and Cyworld [Korea’s leading video portals], and put relevant ads.

Content owners, instead of relentlessly chasing after user uploaded content and deleting them, could generate fresh ads revenue — the more users upload content, the more money content owners make. Enswer’s video search technology enabled such targeted video ads, and anyone would agree that this would be a far better way to monetize video content than banning user uploads and restricting the viewing experience to those channels that the content owners have direct control over. Job well done.


I have been thinking for a while that downloads could actually be a blessing, clients basically taking over the complicated and expensive task of making content circulate! Once someone finds the right business model the industry will strive even more than before.