I was at the concert of Bjork last month at the Paléo festival, and noticed that two of the guys on stage were using (beside shiny macbook pros) some weird electronic instruments, constantly playing with shapes on giant table screens. I finally found what these things are: the reactable and the Lemur.


The reactable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on a luminous round table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.

See it in action here it’s absolutely fascinating. This might be the coolest interface I have ever seen.


The Lemur is a top of the range control surface for audio and media applications, that breaks from the prior art on several grounds. Its major innovation consists in its brilliant modular graphic interface concept and its exclusive multitouch sensor technology.

The Lemur promo video is youtubed here. Electronic Music is getting very visual, a plus for the booming live industry who is now a 20$ billion business (vs 30 for the struggling recorded music industry as explained in French here).

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