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I added the links I had forgotten at the end of the list, thanks for your comments folks!

Thanks to all those who answered my call to find Swiss web 2.0 companies. Here are all – all as in unfiltered – the links I received via email or through the comments. Community Ads marketplace Blogging platform "Swiss Technorati" Blog-Premiumnetwork > Swiss Weblogs Inc. Blogging platform Comment tracking Advertising Event scheduling Students community Media-Trading > Swiss Social music platform Social networking consulting News Community Clothes Advertising Search Blogging platform Cooking Community Community Leisure Social Network Blogging platform Music community Wellโ€ฆ tits rating! TV Classifieds Geolocation Social Network Digg clone Restaurant rating TV Digg clone Slide sharing Swiss blogs search engine and portal Second life fun Text Agency 2.0 Community Blog advertising network Blogging platform Community Identity Radio Pictures sharing Security marketplace Community TV Blogging platform Mobile micropayment Music community Blog search engine Students’ community Online community (in development) News search (in development)
Mixin Social activities creation (in development)
Clic Movies Video downloads

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  1. Looks like everything is Web 2.0 now. Reminds me of the time when everything was labeled as “Multimedia” :-).

  2. what about

  3. Matthias: Definitely, and it’s a good thing I think as this distinction is a non-sense. Everything is and is not web 2.0. Whatever. It at least allowed me to do a nice roundup of the state of the Internet in this country.

    Bytezh: sorry, hard not to forget someone ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We are very proud to be listed among the Swiss web 2.0 companies. Indeed web 2.0 is a challenge. Technical issues are not the worst. Once you’re tooled, building the community is another story… Especially in cooking which is about the most anti-computer activity…
    But we’re on our way and beeing in your list will certainly contribute to our success. Thanks and Happy Koocooking !

  5. Have you reviewed Music and Business social networking ?

  6. Interesting. was founded in 2000 so long time before the “Web 2.0-area”…


  7. here’s an other swiss community:

  8. laurent: I second that, everything is Web 2.0 now. I’ve thinked that it had to be interactive or stuff like that, but there are some Sites that have no interactivity at all (i dont think you can call a registration “interactive”…) – as example Zattoo. It’s a greate Service, but in my opinion it has nothing to do with Web 2.0.

    MPB: Not only… is also online since 2000 (or 2001), where noone talks about Web 2.0 stuff ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Just missing out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. is a platform for finding people you have seen in the train, on the street, going out etc.

  11. Hi laurent.

    Thanks alot for adding to your list.

    I would really appreciate it if you could change the name and link to (not

    Thanks alot


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