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I have been working with the International Electrotechnical Commisson (IEC) for a few months, helping this international organization refine and launch their WattWatt project. Wattwatt is an online community intended to start a global discussion about the role of electricity in changing our habits and reducing the effects of global warming.


The site is an invitation to share your ideas on electrical energy efficiency, and to point others to the interesting resources you found on the web. It is a technologically augmented brainstorm with one twist: the people who are managing the site and reading all the contributions are the ones who can make things happen. It is not just another community, it is an organization started in 1906 getting serious about engaging in a global conversation with the people it is serving, opening a dynamic communication channel with them to get more ideas and links.

Check the site out. It is still in beta and accepting comments and suggestions so don’t hesitate.

I am an entrepreneur and researcher passionate about understanding the social implications of digital technologies.
  1. […] WattWatt is brought to you by the one and only Laurent Haug. […]

  2. Before I get too much undeserved credit ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wrote I helped “refine and launch” WattWatt because the credit for the site goes mostly to the IEC (editorial content) and to Electron Libre (design, technical development, etc.)

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