About 25 million people have used the internet to sell something

The last report of PEW Internet is about online activities. It gives an interesting overview of how people use the Internet to sell things/services. The report can be downloaded as a pdf. It highlights the large variety of objects and services that may be found on the Web. However, this activity seems to be carried out by early-adopters and not the average joe.

Some 17% of online American adults have used the internet to sell things. That amounts to approximately 25 million Americans.

In addition, internet traffic data show that visits to classified ad web sites has grown 80% in the past year.

Almost everything imaginable is currently for sale or has been for sale by individuals on various auction or classified ad sites. Tangible items like pink plastic Christmas trees, collectible coins, wedding dresses, automobiles, books, or CDs share web space with a myriad of intangibles including virtual weaponry and characters from online games (sold for real money) and services including everything from finding a French tutor, a personal trainer or someone to clean your aquarium.

Demographically, online sellers have an “early adopter” profile and they are relatively intense users of the internet.

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